Terms & Conditions

Hi our valued clients!

Thank you for being interested in Rockologist’s jewelry and interested in making a project with us. Here are the terms and conditions in Rockologist. We understand this is a long post, but we also believe this article is very important for you to understand before we start our project.

By making a payment to start a project with us, then we consider you have agreed to the terms and conditions below:

1. Record Video During the Unpacking Process

We require all clients to do a video recording during the packaging opening process. This recording is needed not only by us but also by the expedition if there is any damage, loss, or other unexpected things that happen during the delivery process as evidence that must be attached. You do not need to worry, we will always be responsible and help you if there is something wrong with the jewelry you received. We will also explain this matter in more detail at point no.17 at the end of this document, so please keep reading it till the end.

2. Faded Jewelry Color Is Not a Production Mistake

To color the jewelry, we use a traditional electroplating process by coating the jewelry with a layer of rhodium. Under this rhodium coating lies the original color of the metal material. Rhodium coating will fade after the jewelry comes into use. The fading of rhodium occurs due to friction and/or impact between the jewelry and other objects, even in normal use. In addition, natural oxidation in metals can also cause rhodium coating to fade. This oxidation process causes the appearance of patina (blackish/greenish spot) which will change the jewelry’s original color. In severe cases, cleaning should be done by a professional jeweler (preferably with us), but in mild cases you can clean it yourself at home. The length of time for the color of the rhodium layer to fade and the appearance of the oxidation process have different durations. This depends on how each client treats the jewelry, including where it is stored and where it is used. The fading of rhodium and oxidation creates a vintage, rustic, and unique look on Rockologist’s products, which were liked and waited for by most of our customers. If our client want to renew or even change the jewelry color, we will surely help. See our Adjustment Service in the next point.

3. About Adjustment Service

Rockologist has one service namely Adjustment Service. Adjustment Service is a service where the client can change or recolor rhodium layer (replating) and change the ring size (resizing), with the following conditions:

  1. Every product that was ordered at Rockologist is entitled to get 1x (one time) free Adjustment Service, and then the client can return to use this service with additional cost.
  2. Both Replating and Resizing work on this Adjustment Service must be done simultaneously. Even so, the client may choose to only do one of them, but work that is not done cannot be refunded or done at another time.
  3. Changes in width, thickness, and shape of jewelry as well as changes in diamond color or size are not included in this Adjustment Service.
  4. All delivery fees (from Client to Rockologist and from Rockologist to Client) due to the Adjustment Service become the client’s responsibility, either for 1x free or for paid Adjustment Service.
  5. When performing Replating and/or Resizing, there will be a process that causes the weight of the metal material to decrease, but we cannot return it in the form of money (refund) because this process causes the reduced metal material to become super small pieces that are scattered in the air and impossible to be collected. Only Resizing which is much larger than the initial size will increase the weight of the metal material.  When the weight increases, the cost of the difference in the weight of the metal material will become the responsibility of the client. This provision only applies to paid materials, such as: Gold, Palladium or Platinum.
  6. This 1x free Adjustment Service, especially the Resizing facility is only provided for clients who use one of the four measurement methods suggested by Rockologist and must have been confirmed by the Customer Assistant for accuracy by sending photos during the measurement process.

4. Rockologist Does Not Guarantee Damage or Loss of Diamond

With a heavy heart and as customary, Rockologist does not guarantee damage or loss of diamonds that have been received by clients for any reason. Even so it’s still our goal to provide the best diamond according to its type and the strongest diamond setting in the handmade jewelry industry.

One of the most common reasons for diamonds to fall off is that the ring experiences collisions or friction. Whether it’s a light or heavy collision or friction that occurs in normal or extreme use, it will add up over time and cause the diamond mounting (the part of the ring that holds the diamond in place) to deform and loosen, making the diamond prone to falling off. Even if your diamond mounting is designed to be relatively secure, with time metal wears down and mounting parts become less durable. If your ring is made of a softer metal such as gold or silver, you should be aware that its mounting parts are easy to bend and damage.

You can check to see if your diamond on the ring is secure by gently pressing on it, and if there is even the slightest movement, have it repaired promptly by Rockologist. The condition of the diamond mounting can also be seen with the naked eye, and if it looks like it’s starting to change shape, bent or damaged, immediately make repairs even though there is no movement of the diamond when pressed. Be sure to clean your ring often as dirt can not only prevent you from spotting any damage but also make your diamond mounting wear down faster.

5. Terms and Conditions of Buyback Service at Rockologist

Rockologist provides a buyback service, for jewelry with the following conditions:

  1. Every buyback service must go through an appraisal process by the Rockologist team. The selling price depends on the appraisal result. In normal conditions, the calculation of the selling price is: (Paid Metal Material Initial Purchase Price + Diamond Initial Purchase Price) x 0.65. The result of the appraisal process is fully the authority of the Rockologist and cannot be contested. The cost of shipping jewelry to the Rockologist’s office for the appraisal process is entirely the responsibility of the client.
  2. Jewelry that can be resold is jewelry that consists of paid metal material without diamonds, paid metal material with diamonds, or free metal material with diamonds. Jewelry with free metal material and without diamonds cannot be resold, therefore it may not be included.
  3. The condition and quantity of jewelry and diamonds are must as stated in invoice and certificates. And also the quality of the diamonds on the jewelry must be in good condition and free from defects.
  4. Must include the following details; jewelry certificate, diamond card for jewelry using diamonds, packaging box and all the accessories included.

6. Ownership Status of Jewelry Photos from Projects

Rockologist documented every product that Rockologist made. This documentation is a part of Rockologist’s standard operating procedures that is sent to the client, as a form of Rockologist accountability to its client. In addition, product documentation is also a part of Rockologist data completion and is used for Rockologist promotions. The documentation referred to above is the property of Rockologist. Rockologist can use or modify the photos and or videos to any interests of Rockologist, including for promotional purposes, without requiring permission from the client as long as it does not include client’s names or client’s social media accounts.

7. Rockologist Jewelry Works Can’t Be 100% Same with The Reference

Rockologists really appreciate the handmade process done by traditional craftsmen in producing the best work. The handmade process has limitations, namely not being able to create works that are exactly the same as the reference, whether that reference is in the form of pictures or real works of art, even if that reference is a Rockologist’s pictures or works. We are trying our best to make the work as similar as possible with the reference. But we can make sure every jewelry produced by Rockologist cannot be exactly the same as the reference, because each part is made individually by hand without any mold at all, and we believe that’s what makes it special.

8.  The weight on the initial invoice is an estimate

Rockologist will provide an estimate of the material weight if the client orders using paid metal materials. The weight of the paid metal material estimated at the initial invoice may change after the production process is complete. This final jewelry weight will be used in the second invoice submitted to the client. Rockologist make every effort to provide an accurate estimate of the jewelry weight. However, the estimated weight of the paid metal material is only an illustration of the initial price and does not determine the final price of the jewelry. The final price will adjust to the final weight of the jewelry and cannot be contested.

9. Differences in Diamond Color Description

The color of the diamond that we display on the Rockologist website or social media, is a description of the color with the naked eye taken using documentation equipment that is as close as possible to the true color of the diamond. However, it is very possible to distort the appearance of the diamond color, depending on the screen device used when the client sees the diamond color on the Rockologist website or social media. There are some screen devices that tend to display the color of the diamond to be darker or lighter than the original color of the diamond. In addition, gemologists, as the party we trust to guarantee the authenticity of our diamonds, have their own standard for category and parameter of the diamond color description, which sometimes differ from the descriptions we use. And the color information from the gemologist is the one we finally used in the diamond card & certificate of authenticity. Due to these differences, it is possible that there may be a difference in color information between what is displayed on the Rockologist’s website or social media and the color information printed on the diamond card & certificate of authenticity.

10. The Color of Jewelry Coating Can Not Be 100% Same With The Reference

Like the color of diamonds, the screen devices that clients use to view our site may also affect the difference in the color of jewelry coating perception. In addition, the color of the jewelry coating is determined by several parameters, such as the color of the original material or the mixture of compounds used as jewelry coatings. So it is possible that there may be differences in the color of the finished jewelry layer with what is displayed on our website or social media. Rockologist makes every effort to make the color of the jewelry produced close to the examples displayed on Rockologist’s website or social media, but the color coating process uses traditional techniques and sometimes it may result in colors differ from the reference.

11. Packaging Options

Rockologist really value every clients’ wishes. Therefore, we offer two types of packaging, namely natural packaging and prism packaging. If there is no special request, we will provide packaging with the following conditions:
1. Natural packaging, for clients who purchase jewelry using free materials and without using diamonds.
2. Prism packaging, for clients who purchase jewelry using paid materials or using diamonds.
Clients who purchase jewelry using free materials and without using diamonds can request prism packaging, at an additional cost. Meanwhile, clients who buy jewelry using paid materials or using diamonds can request natural packaging at no additional cost.

12. Ring Size Has Deviation Tolerance

Rockologist really appreciates the handmade process carried out by traditional craftsmen in producing the best work. The handmade process has limitations, namely it cannot make works that are exactly the same as the reference, including the tolerance for jewelry sizes, especially on rings. The difference of 0.3 mm between the sizes listed in the order form and the finished jewelry size, is still within the ring size deviation tolerance.

13. Terms of Service Speed

  1. The service speed offered by Rockologist is the estimated time of jewelry processing. We are trying our best to meet this time estimate or even faster, although under certain conditions, delays in the completion of jewelry work are unavoidable.
    Rockologist guarantees that the order will be completed on time with the following conditions:
    1. For Rockologist project, the jewelry data listed in the working order must be completed no later than D + (25% duration of work according to service speed), where D day is the day the work begins. For example: For working orders with regular service speed, working order data must be completed no later than 10 days (25% of 40 days) from the start of the project.
  2. For the PDQ project, the jewelry data listed in the working order must be completed from the day the work begins.
  3. Changes and/or additions of data in the working order, follows the same conditions as above. If the client is unable to fulfill the above conditions, Rockologist reserves the right to make no guarantee of the order being completed on time.

14.  Revision Due to Client’s Error Or Client Changes His Mind

Rockologist guarantees free repair and/or revision of Rockologist jewelry products that do not match the client’s order, which arises due to Rockologist’s fault. Repairs and/or revisions that arise due to errors and/or client wishes, including changing or removing engravings, repairing damaged jewelry, and changing shapes will be charged for additional cost.

15. Completed Jewelry Status

After the jewelry is finished, Rockologist will follow up the client and ask the client to pay the remaining cost of the jewelry before the jewelry is sent to the client (unless the client has made full payment since the first payment). If the follow-up has been carried out, and the client does not pay the cost of the jewelry in 30 days, the jewelry is considered not to be an ordered jewelry and fully belongs to Rockologist. Any payment that has been paid by the client cannot be returned to the client. If the client wants Rockologist to keep the jewelry, the client is obliged to notify Rockologist no later than 30 days after the follow-up is done. Rockologist may charge an additional fee for jewelry storage, beyond the settlement fee.

16. Cancellation of Jewelry Orders

If for some reason the client wants to cancel an order for jewelry that is currently in production, then the client must comply with the following conditions;

  1. The work must still be in the early stage of production.
  2. The client is obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 30% of the total jewelry cost in the first invoice.

17. Worry Free Shipment

Shipping costs and the risk of product loss and or damage during the shipping process are the responsibility of Rockologist, with the following conditions;

  1. As stated in point no.1, video recording of the unpacking process is a mandatory requirement to get this service.
  2. Rockologist’s responsibility for the risk of loss and or damage will be in the form of jewelry repair and or replacement of new jewelry, with a deadline according to the service speed chosen by the client.
  3. The risk of loss and or damage referred to above is if the jewelry package is lost or damaged in the shipping process and has been acknowledged in writing by the expedition that the loss or damage to the package is the fault of the expedition.
  4. The risk of loss and or damage only applies to shipping areas in Indonesia.
  5. Free shipping applies to the Java & Bali area. Other areas and/or overseas get a shipping fee subsidy of 50 thousand rupiahs.
  6. Free shipping does not apply for purchase through Tokopedia or other marketplaces.
  7. Free shipping only applies once, namely when the jewelry project is finished and is about to be sent to the destination address.
  8. Even if the jewelry is picked up to the Rockologist’s office by the client, the free shipping is non-refundable.

18. Additional Platform Fee on PayPal, Tokopedia & Shopee

To make things easier for customers, Rockologist accepts payments through PayPal, Tokopedia, and Shopee.

However, paying through these three platforms will result in 6.5% additional platform fees from the value of the listing you want us to create.

For example, if your jewelry bill is IDR 3,000,000 and you want to pay it through those platforms, our listing there will be IDR 3,195,000.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read these terms and conditions. If there is anything else you would like to know, our Customer Assistant would always be glad to help. We are so excited and can’t wait to start a project with you!