Bibin’s Story

Hello Rockologist & Team, 

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your patience, precision, and persistence in fulfilling my order. Every time I see my ring, it fills me with joy. The details, complexity, and results truly meet my expectations. I understand that accommodating my complicated request required immense dedication and hard work.

I extend my thanks to you for your responsibility and for delivering a ring that gives satisfaction. Moreover, I appreciate your patience in addressing all my inquiries.


I can’t thank you enough for the service and results you gave to me. I’m a bit nervous because the rhodium layer as it is a bit fragile, but I also can’t wait to see & grow older with it.


The details are remarkable, even to the smallest things that can’t even be captured by my camera. The ring is very beautiful, just exactly what I envisioned. 


Basically, I really like the ‘Lily of the Valley’ flower. Unfortunately, this particular flower is considered expensive in Indonesia due to the need for imports and its seasonal availability. Therefore,  I found it extremely challenging, if not nearly impossible, to find any accessories related to the ‘Lily of the Valley’ in Indonesia. In the end, I really felt the need to custom make and create ‘Lily of the Valley’ themed accessories according to what I wanted.


Other than that, ‘Lily of the Valley’ themed accessories are usually in the form of necklaces whereas I prefer rings. Therefore, I searched for design inspiration that incorporated ‘Lily of the Valley’ that is suitable for rings. The reference that I gave was initially a bracelet. I am really happy that it could be transformed  into a ring.


As for the diamonds, I really like the princess cut of a blue diamond,   favoring a subtle elegance rather than an overly flashy appearance.


The ‘Lily of the Valley’ alone holds the meaning of return of happiness – The flower is said to bring luck in happiness and love, sweetness, purity of heart, trustworthiness, and humility, a perfect representation of modesty, chastity, and purity.