Sahelina Nur Asanti’s Story

The first time I found out about Rockologist was in 2019 when Bang Fiersa Besari got married to Teh Aqia. I immediately checked the profile, followed them, and explored the wide range of rings they offer.

Falling in love at first sight with something truly exists. I often share Rockologist’s posts to my partner, and he also admires their work 😍


At that time, we didn’t have any plans for an engagement yet,  so owning one of their rings remained a dream.

I have been following Rockologist’s journey since its early stages when they only had a from the beginning, since there were only a few models. Even though they have introduced various new models since then, yet I still hold a special bond for the first design I laid my eyes upon 🖤

Finally, in the middle of 2022, I was able to make a deposit for the ring and I’m really happy for it. I promptly filled out the form order and eagerly awaited the creation of my ring


Finally, the ring was done and when I saw the picture of the ring, I was deeply moved. Finally I had the opportunity to purchase this remarkable piece.   

When the ring arrived, I immediately tried it and the joy it brought me was indescribable.

Couldn’t wait to wear it during that special moment.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the engagement ceremony had to be postponed to 2023. During that period, I had to resize and re-plate the ring as it was too big. Fortunately, this service was provided free of charge 🖤

Finally the long-awaited event arrived, the feeling of happiness and emotional connection combined into one 😇😍🖤

My dream ring became a reality for my special moment 🖤

Thank you Rockologist for making this beautiful and enchanting work, I hope your talent and craftsmanship gain recognition worldwide, as you truly deserve it. 😊😇