Before you order

Make sure you read these 14 important things carefully before you order. This will help you fill the form later!

1. Material

The published price is a basic price which consists of artisan works and diamonds. The metal material with base price is raw material and that’s free. The option:
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Brass
You can change to paid materials as well & each material has different cost:
  • Gold 75% (Yellow/White/Rose) : Basic Price + 875.000/gr
  • Gold 50% (Yellow/White/Rose) : Basic Price + 600.000/gr
  • Palladium 75% : Basic Price + 1.510.000/gr
  • Palladium 50% : Basic Price + 1.040.000/gr
  • Platinum 95% : Basic Price + 850.000/gr
*Price marked above may vary each time

We can only provide an initial estimate for the ring’s weight at the first order. The final price can be obtained after the ring is finished based on the final weight of the ring. It is influenced by size, width, and thickness. Mostly, men’s ring design weighs approximately 5gr – 8gr and the women’s ring is 2gr – 5gr.

Rockologist Materials

2. Color & Coating

We use the ring coating with rhodium material with several color options. The color you choose will not affect the price. The available colors:

  •  Silver
  • Pale Yellow
  • Yellow
  • Rosegold
  • Dark Grey
  • Black

You can choose one of those six colors in either of these two textures: Glossy or Doff. You will also get 1x free replating service with a process of 10 days (not including the delivery time). You can redeem them at any time and you can change the color & texture. For the next replating service, the fee is 100.000/ring.

Rockologist Rhodium Plating

3. Ring Width

The width of the ring is the part of the ring seen from above. Here’s an image reference to help you determine what width is right for you.

PS: Some designs at Rockologist are only 1mm wide. Changing the width may affect the proportions of the design, so it’s better to leave the width option blank. Unless you are absolutely sure you want to change the width.

ring width

4. Measuring Method Guide

You can obtain your ring size in four ways that we think are the most accurate, there are:

1st method.
From the inner diameter of the existing ring.
2nd method.
Using a circular ruler.
3rd method.
From Rockologist Sizer PDF.

Download here: PDF Sizer Rockologist.

4th method.
Ring size from a jeweler.

Each of these methods have different sizes. For example: the ring diameter of 15mm is not the same as the size of ring no.15. So, fill in the method on the order form correctly.

Among the 4 methods above, we highly recommend the first method because of its high accuracy. If you don’t have a ring yet, don’t worry! You can get a ‘free’ Rockologist Ring Sample here.


  • When you do the measurement process, send a photo of it to our Customer Assistant so we can help to find the right measurement method for you
  • We do not recommend measuring the ring using the circumference method (the paper is looped around the finger, then the length is divided by 3.14) without using the PDF sizer we provide since that method is terribly inaccurate. Even the Rockologist PDF sizer method should be used as the last option of measurement method.
  • The first two options on the measurement methods are the most accurate one.
  • You’ll get 1x free resizing. After that, the resizing fee is 200.000/ring. So, to save time and money, it’s better for you to take measurements carefully 🙂

5. Diamond Color

There are several choices of diamond colors you can choose. The color of the diamond you choose will not affect the price. Here are the options:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Clear
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green

6. Diamond Size

Diamonds at Rockologist are measured by their diameter in millimeters. Here’s the list of diamond prices by size.


  • Most of the ring designs at Rockologist have been adjusted to the size of the diamond. Changing the size of the diamond will affect the proportions of the overall design. We recommend you to consult the change of diamond size with our Sales Representative.
  • The diamond size price list above is only valid for round brilliant cut diamonds.

7. Ring Engraving

This part contains the name, date, or even a short-quote engraved on the inside of the ring. The engraving process at Rockologist is fully made manual by hand. So, you are free to determine the character. It doesn’t have to be an alphabet, it can be Javanese sanskrit or even Arabic letters. There is no additional charge for these types of engraving.

PS: Rings with a width of under 2mm or rings that are cylindrical in shape can’t be engraved.

8. Additional Notes

If you want to tweak some parts of the ring or write a special message for us, please, write them in this section 🙂

9. Name

Fill this part with a clear name according to your ID card and your well-known nickname at home & in your neighborhood. This is all for delivery purposes.

10. Phone Number

Make sure you put the active phone number, both WhatsApp and calls or SMS. You may include two phone numbers.

11. Email

Put the Email you usually use, so we can still reach you in case your phone number can’t be contacted.

12. Instagram

Write down your Instagram username because your story matters to us.

13. Address & Postal Code

Complete your address along with the postal code. The postal code will determine whether the JNE YES service can be sent to your address or not. If not, we have to use JNE REG. Also pay attention to this section in determining the service speed.

14. Speed Service

These are several speed services you can choose (not include the delivery time):

  1. Regular Service:
    • Normal Service: 40 days
    • Faster Service: 20 days (+200.000/ring)
      For this service, you’ll have a chat with Arsy
  2. Express Service:
    • Quick Express: 15 days (+300.000/ring)
    • Super Express: 10 days(+400.000/ring)
    • Urgent: 6 days (+600.000/ring)
      For this service, you’ll have a chat with Novri

Need service faster than that? We have ready stock and custom products with a speed service less than 20 days. Both of them will be served by our other admins at: RockologistPDQ.


If you want your ring completed according to your timeline, please, consider using a Express Services 🙂

After order

Order Duration

After we receive the payment (DP or full-paid), we’re going to start the production. However, it doesn’t include the delivery time from Yogyakarta to your address. If your address is within reach of the JNE YES (1-2 days arrival), we’ll use that service. Otherwise, we have to use JNE REG (3-10 days depends on the destination). So don’t forget to pay attention to this, too, to determine which service speed you want to use.

Please bear in mind that we only serve the ordering process from the start to finish only through WhatsApp (with Arsy or Novri). If you have any other questions, you can jump first to our Instagram account and read the highlight story there. It’ll be helpful for you 🙂

If your product is in the process, are you wondering when your product will be finished? You can find the answer from the payment date (DP/full-paid) along with the speed service you’ve chosen. Here’s an example:


The payment has been made on 20 July 2019. So, the product will be done on (based on the speed service you’ve chosen):

  • Normal Service: 30 August 2019
  • Faster Service: 10 August 2019
  • Super Express Service: 30 July 2019

About Resizing & Replating

If you’ve already received the product and want to resize or replate it, we need to inform you that the resizing process takes 20 days & the replating process takes 10 days (not including the delivery time). You can send it to:


Rockologist Office
Perumahan Graha Kencana Babarsari No.20, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta, 55281.


  • Project name on the package you’ll send is required. The project name is a number and name that can be seen in the PDF Invoice/Payment Note.
    Example: 565 Putri
  • Some expeditions like to refuse the jewelry/diamonds package. To anticipate this, tell them that your package is ‘fashion accessories’
  • Pack it neatly and tightly


  • The ideal ring size is a size that is not too easy nor too loose. The ring is still comfortable to wear at the base of the finger.
  • When you try to wear the ring, make sure the body and room temperature are normal. If not, you’ll find that your ring will loosen. 
  • If you are unsure what is the right size to resize, give us the sample ring with the right size, so we can use it for size reference. Make sure the width of the ring and the ring you want to resize are similar.
  • When resizing or replating, there will be a process that causes a reduction in the weight of the material. If the resized size is much larger than the initial size, then this will add more weight of the material. Meanwhile, we can’t return the reduced material with money since the resizing process causes the reduced material to become extra small pieces that are scattered in the air which we can’t collect (only applies to paid materials such as palladium/gold/platinum).
  • You’ll get 1x free resizing. After that, the resizing fee is 200.000/ring.


  • Replating will cover the color of the engraving on the ring, but the engraving can still be read. 
  • Feel free to choose the replating color: White, Yellow, Rose Gold, Dark Grey, and Black. All of them you can choose in either of these two finish/texture: Glossy or Doff. 
  • You will also get 1x free replating service. For the next replating service the fee is 100.000/ring.

 If we’ve given you the receipt and you haven’t received the package yet, call the JNE Call Center at 02129278888. They will be happy to help you 🙂 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and understand it. Have a wonderful day! 🖤

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